• This department has developed its mode of contributions towards creation of successful students by providing gradually increasing facilities in all possible fields like library, laboratories, equipments, class rooms and other necessary infrastructure.

    We aim to create a department of excellence in central India. The thrust area of this department is Nano Drug Delivery Systems, Targeted Drug Delivery System and Iontophoretic Drug Delivery System. Within the next 3 years we aim to be the leaders in drug delivery research

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    The department is well equipped with best laboratory facilities, with number of high quality equipments and the best faculty.  This department has the following laboratories-

    • Biopharmaceutics laboratory
    • Cosmetics laboratory
    • Novel drug Delivery laboratory
    • Dosage form Design laboratory
    • Machine room.
    Hardware Configuration of this lab is as follows-

    • Vender-HP
    • Model No.-DX2480
    • Core2 Duo Processor with 2.88GHz
    • RAM-1GB
    • Hard Disk-160GB
    • Operating System-Windows XP-(SP-2)